E38 BMW 728I M-Sport – Limited Edition

E38 004

E38 005 E38 006  E38 011 E38 010 E38 009 E38 008 E38 012 E38 013 E38 014 E38 015 E38 016

E38 728i M-Sport with M-Tech 2 suspension (Eibach which is effectively Alpina), 18″ Style 32 Alloys, Green with Oyster Buffalo leather interior, sports seats, green dash and trim.  Nice combination.  Was a LTD Edition.  Lots of owners like to call their models ‘Sports’ which annoys me – its a busted flush: you look at the car with more keenly to discover its nothing special.  Look at the last picture, and see how the headrests are recessed (flush in standard models).  You may not be able to tell from the other photos because the sports seats aren’t fully extended, but that is a sports interior.  The E38 Sport pretty much always came with staggered Style 32’s.  And not many E38 Sports I’ve seen come with a dull beige dash, and mushroom grey/brown/beige flat executive seats, like the many which are touted as true sports editions.

The only issue with this model was that unless I drove in constant Sports mode, the power wasn’t enough.  Fortunately, I also had an E38 750iL in Cosmos Black, cream leather with black piping and contrasting interior.  I used the 728i as a daily driver, because using the 750 would have utterly crippled me financially.  If you’ve read what I wrote on the Cali page, then theres no prize for guessing which car cost me £6.5k in one hit at a main dealer for a full service et al.   However the extra leg room in the back, meant that kids couldn’t scuff or indeed reach the back of the seats, and when you’ve got a cream interior, its best left that way.  In the SWB 728, I was forever cleaning and nourishing the leather compartments behind the front seats.  Thats the curse of a perfectionist…

Pics will follow…


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